YouTube’s biggest star P. PewDiePie, otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg created his YouTube channel way back 2010 and has then gained a massive fan base.

Yesterday, he hit the magic number, and told everyone that he would be deleting the channel at 12 p.m. EST today. About an hour before that, however, he posted a video to said YouTube channel entitled “Deleting my channel.”

Fans thought Felix Kjellberg making a joke instead of deleting PewDiePie . Fans were pretty much sure that PewDiePie shall not delete his channel as he generally takes YouTube as a medium to create fun for everyone

He did not, however, say which channel he’d be deleting, so overnight, when PewDiePie went on a massive subscriber push, collected himself 50 million followers, he revealed that it was all a giant act of trolling, and he deletes a secondary YouTube channel called “Jack Septiceye 2” as a way of fulfilling his bargain.

“You know when you make a joke, and it just blows up way bigger than you ever imagined?” Kjellberg asked.

“That was it, that was the joke,” Kjellberg said, before mocking all the news sites that picked up the story without skepticism.

In a latest development today, he had uploaded a video and thanked media for all the support in creating a hoax.

He keeps the joke going, too. “Will delete Pewdiepie at 100 million,” the video says at the end. Hope nobody falls for it this time.

Thanks to Kjellberg’s scheme, he is the first person on YouTube to reach 50 million subscribers. The second biggest channel, HolaSoyGerman, has 30 million—putting Kjellberg well ahead of the competition.