Nintendo has decided to release Super Mario Run for free download on iOS devices only, Android users are desperate to play the game and caused a lot of disappointment among Android users. But Nintendo has yet to get UK release date on Android. how is it bad news for Android users?

After the success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run” has become the hottest game to hit the market with enormous popularity and massive social impact. On December 15 it was finally possible to download the game on iOS.

Can you believe — it was downloaded more than 40 million times worldwide in its first four days of release.

Mario‘s creator Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the game last September when the iPhone 7 was launched. The game required always-on internet connection. Super Mario Run can be played with just one hand. Tapping the screen will make Mario jump, tapping the screen longer will make the character jump higher. Mario will automatically dodge small enemies by synching a jump while he evades an enemy. Also, a Super Mario game will not be complete without coin collecting. The first three levels are free and in order to unlock 24 courses, players need to pay for a one-time in-app purchase amounting to $9.99.

Fans of Super Mario Run on Android must remain patient. The game has been released only on iOS Since it is not on the Google Play Store, many users have taken to searching for an APK file for Super Mario Run game.

Unfortunately, some sleazy people are taking advantage of those feelings by releasing Super Mario apps that could be loaded with malware. Many popular websites are offering APK’s for the android version that does not exist. They claim an APK for Super Mario Run that will enable you to play the game, But the reality is that these are almost also viruses of some sort.

“As Nintendo’s second foray into mobile gaming with one of their lead franchises, Super Mario Run is immediately going to be a prime target for attackers trying to exploit its code — especially with the number of users which will be downloading this game,” App security company Axran vice president of research, Aaron Lint said. “Just as with the previous smash hit Pokémon Go, we anticipate the appearance of corrupted fake apps used to spread malware,”.

Android users are being warned against seeing the APK downloads for ‘Super Mario Run,’ do not download the APK because they turn out to be malware or viruses. Game is only available for the IOS in the meantime and does not have any APK yet.

APK install files are like .exe files on Windows, and let phone owners install applications and games on their Android devices without having to go through the Google Play Store. Nintendo has yet to push-out Super Mario Run to the Google Play Store, these APK databases are almost always fake.

Many of phony game like Super Mario in Android App stores containing malware are flooding third-party Android app stores. Some of these apps, including one titled “Super Mario,” can take full control over your phone, as they request privileges to edit, read, receive and send text messages, as well as take photos and video and even track your precise location using GPS.

So Android users are probably best off waiting for the official Google Play release. Downloading apps from third parties do not always end up with malware or viruses, but it certainly ups the risk. So, it’s the best way to wait to avoid compromising your device and the networks it accesses.

You can also go to Settings → Security and make sure “Unknown sources” option is turned off.